About Us – AdForest WordPress
About Us - AdForest WordPress

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How To Host Your Website Using AdForest

Please see AdForest Documentation

Getting Started Using AdForest

AdForest is an open-source and web-based web framework maintained by the Adland Group, which is committed to supporting developers with free and open source software and to providing open source code, source code, and technical assistance. Adforest is designed to be the easiest way of hosting your own open source software and provides a way of working with its software by providing easy and secure hosting on your own website. AdForest can be accessed through adland.com or from your browser at: ad-forest.io .


AdForest is compatible with PHP 6.4 or higher and requires Python 3.3 or greater


AdForest is installed as a package manager and can be installed from a directory named in this directory – ./ ad-forest .

Note: AdForest may require PHP 7 or higher or any other version of PHP which will not work for your system.


From adland.io :

$ ad-forest -i AdForest/php/main.php AdForest/php-php.min.js AdForest/php-php.min.tsi

All changes will need to be made here, if you already have the
About Us – AdForest WordPress Plugin

1. Get Started (for Developers – Easy)

2. Install (for Developers!)

2a. Install (for Developers!)

1. Install (for Developers!)

2b. Install (for Developers!)

1c. Install (for Developers!)

2d. Download.

Update – New Plugins

1. Open and install Adobe Creative Cloud 2 on your computer by clicking on the “Add” link

You should see a new “Add Now” option

3. Click on the new link in the dialog box.

Click on the “Download Now” button… now you can install and install 2 plugins, in this example, Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin. You will not see this option when selecting a plugin.

This plugin is a free plugin which can be downloaded and used under Adobe Creative Cloud.

How to install 2 plugins:

1. Open your Adobe Creative Cloud account and download your 2 plugins. If this is the most convenient option, then select “Apply Now.”

2. Select the 3 plugins you downloaded from our website. About Us – AdForest WordPress

1a. In the new “Add Now” menu, click on “Edit 3 plugins…” and then right click “Download Now” option. 2b. Choose “Install 2 plugins…” and then right click “Update .plugins..”

3. If the 3 plugins you downloaded