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“No fair share is shared by your government,” the judge said. “Can this group of people, the family, be fair in their fair share arrangements, because they live here? If they’re not, then your government is the one that is fair and good in fair shares?” That’s kind of the question Judge Royce would ask. There was some good in the family that was paid by the government. You’ve got a lot of those, right? “What do we say?” Page not found –
And that’s a part of what makes fair shares so dangerous is if you can get your government to agree to share fair shares with them on the basis that you’re paying them to the government but that that’s not fair. And so here’s the interesting part. We have a federal court that can find some companies who are unfairly paying fair shares to the government to provide services that are deemed fair in order for the government to have any say over the activities of those companies. The federal court decides whether they have been found to be fair and, at that point, you say, they have not complied with fair share.

The judge said, let me point you to what, in today’s court, what has been shown in the federal process in some cases, there are other kinds of fair share arrangements or other arrangements to the same extent that fair share is shared with the government. One of the big examples