Peterbilt three hundred and seventy nine is an exorcist truck.

This 1990 Peterbilt three hundred and seventy-nine, topped off with three sixes on the hood, custom styling, airbrushing and a unique paint job, belongs to a gutsy gal, an independent hauler named Sherry Martinez. The girl got this truck written off from a big carrier, in a significantly shabby condition and the Martinez family had to deal with it a lot, that is why in the design of the truck is used theme of otherworldly forces:)

Under the hood of Pete, as Sherry calls it fondly, the engine is Caterpillar 425, but the appearance can not be called sour. Every detail is taken care of: headlight mounts and visors, unique mirrors, rear fenders crowned with tongues of flame, polished aluminum fenders, and running boards. At night, 50 lights illuminate all this splendor. Inside, Sherry and her husband installed BMW seats, a Sony audio system with a subwoofer and 12-inch speakers, and continued "a hell of a" design theme.

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