Test drive Nissan Almera 2014 release.

Nissan Almera is another representative of the most popular class of cars among Russians – medium. Does it deserve attention? Perhaps yes, if only because not a single company worked on its creation, but as many as three: the body was developed by Japanese engineers (Nissan), the platform and suspension were French (Renault), and the assembly of the car was entrusted to the domestic AvtoVAZ.

So we will not waste time, but we will immediately move on to getting to know this car.

A little about appearance.

In my opinion, the appearance Les spin-offs de Game of Thrones expliqu?s: House of the Dragon et of the Almera 2014 model year is not for everybody. The car has a very decent length – 4656 mm, but the platform that underlies it is small in itself (VO from Logan). As a result, the novelty looks a little disproportionate and narrow (Almera’s width is 1695 mm).

And against the background of budget small 15-inch wheels, it looks funny at all.

The only thing that saves the situation is the abundance of chrome and some similarity with the prestigious Teana.

Let’s take a look at the salon.

Looking into the salon, at first glance it may seem that nothing has changed here: the same instruments, indicators, the shape of the steering wheel and hard plastic. In general, the Logan of the first generation – with an inconvenient arrangement of the window regulator keys, round air intakes, a horn on the steering column lever, a side mirror adjustment panel under the handbrake, etc.

However, if you look back, you can still notice some changes. For example, a soft sofa, which is perfect for a friendly company of three, because it is very comfortable and spacious to sit on. Of course, the presence of glass lifters on each door would make the trips of rear passengers even more comfortable, but what to do …

But this model has a very large and spacious trunk – as much as 500 liters.

The equipment includes: electric drive and heated mirrors, ABS, fog lights, navigator, air conditioning, audio system with a 5-inch touch screen and Bluetooth protocol, heated front seats.

Although, of course, even in spite of all this, to be honest, he is still far from a comfortable car.


Manufacturers offer buyers a Nissan Almera 2014 with only one power unit, inherited from the Renault Logan model.

If we compare these two boxes, then cars with automatic transmission have a more rigid smoothness of transmissions, and they also react very sensitively to all the irregularities of the road, but at the same time they swing less on large irregularities. Manual sedans

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